Antioxidants, the Best Friend You Never Knew You Had


So what are antioxidants?


Simply put, antioxidants are chemicals (natural or man-made) that have the ability prevent or slow cell damage.  Some cell damage occurs naturally during metabolism but your body uses antioxidants to prevent or reverse this damage before it becomes excessive. However, some environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and, yes, alcohol can increase cell damage while simultaneously reducing your antioxidant stores.  

Why is this important?

Check this out:  Increasing the amount of antioxidants in your body has been proven to have a direct impact on reducing toxic harm from alcohol. And toxins from alcohol are the largest contributor to feeling hungover, so increasing antioxidant levels in your body reduces hangovers.

Beyond just vague memories of your attempts at dancing, alcohol also leaves behind heavy amounts of cell-damaging toxins that your liver is incapable of removing quickly on its own. We’ll talk more about these toxins and their removal in a future post.

In regards to antioxidants, getting these naturally is ideal. Think: leafy greens, vegetables and blueberries.  

But, getting enough of them to combat hangovers is tough for even the healthiest among of us.  If you want a simple way to lower toxins and counter some of the causes of a hangover, take a multivitamin before you have your first drink. Pretty easy, huh? These will contain some of the more commonly available antioxidants (vitamins C, A, and E) as well as B-vitamins, which are also depleted as your body metabolizes alcohol. 


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