Why Tequila Hangovers Feel SO. MUCH. WORSE.


We’ve all complained before that different types of alcohol seem to give us different types of hangovers. The question is, is that really true?

The answer is yes. Scientists at Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies and the University of Michigan Medical School found that more congeners in alcohol typically results in a worse hangover.

What is a congener, you ask?

Great question. In simple terms, congeners are by-products of alcohol fermentation. They are small amounts of toxins like methanol, acetaldehyde and tannins, and they are responsible for the way alcohol tastes and smells. More of these toxins are found in darker alcohols like red wine, bourbon, whisky and tequila.

In the study, Dr. Damaris Rohsenow and his team had 95 drinkers aged 21 to 35 participate in two nights of drinking with either vodka or bourbon one night and a placebo the next night. Hangover severity was found to be worse for people who drank bourbon than those who drank vodka.

What does that mean for you? More congeners = worse hangovers.

You think that an evening of tequila shots feels worse than a night of sipping martinis? Well, assuming an equal amount of both, you’re right.

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