The Science Behind BrightDay



BrightDay was formulated on the back of proven scientific studies and with the help of PhDs to ensure a product that is safe and effective.  Want to learn more? Below are many of the studies that were leveraged.  This area of science is relatively new and so as more studies become available we will update this content. 


N-Acetyl Cysteine:  An important antioxidant that reduces acetaldehyde toxicity, a negative byproduct of drinking alcohol

Glutathione: At natural antioxidant that binds to toxins and transforms them into compounds that can be easily removed from the body

Acetyl L-Carnitine: An amino acid naturally produced that can reduce liver damage and mitigate symptoms of alcohol withdrawal

Alpha Lipoic Acid: A potent antioxidant that helps restore glutathione levels and lower toxicity

Theanine: An amino acid that can accelerate the breakdown of acetaldehyde and reduce liver damage

Vitamins B-Complex and C: To replace the common vitamins and minerals lost while drinking




N-acetyl cysteine

Protective role of N-acetylcysteine against alcohol and paracetamol induced toxicity
D. S. Jaya, J. Augustine, V. P. Menon 
Protection against Acetaldehyde Toxicity by l-cysteine, thiamin andl-2-Methylthiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid
Herbert Sprince, Clarence M. Parker, George G. Smith, Leon J. Gonzales
N-acetylcysteine in acute hepatic failure (non-paracetamol-induced)
Ben-Ari Z, Vaknin H, Tur-Kaspa R
N-acetylcysteine attenuates alcohol-induced oxidative stress
Resat Ozaras, Veysel Tahan, Seval Aydin, Hafize Uzun, Safiye Kaya, and Hakan Senturk
N-acetylcysteine reduced the effect of ethanol on antioxidant system in rat plasma and brain tissue
Aydin S1, Ozaras R, Uzun H, Belce A, Uslu E, Tahan V, Altug T, Dumen E, Senturk H.
N-acetylcysteine inhibits the up-regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis genes in livers from rats fed ethanol chronically.
Caro AA1, Bell M, Ejiofor S, Zurcher G, Petersen DR, Ronis MJ.
Effects of N-acetylcysteine on alcohol abstinence and alcohol-induced adverse effects in rats
Ferreira Seiva FR1, Amauchi JF, Ribeiro Rocha KK, Souza GA, Ebaid GX, Burneiko RM, Novelli EL.



Acetyl-L-carnitine protects neuronal function from alcohol-induced oxidative damage in the brain
Travis J. Rump,a P.M. Abdul Muneer,a Adam M. Szlachetka,a Allyson Lamb,a Catherine Haorei,aSaleena Alikunju,a Huangui Xiong,a James Keblesh,a Jianuo Liu,a Matthew C. Zimmerman,b Jocelyn Jones,b Terrence M. Donohue, Jr,c Yuri Persidsky,d and James Haoraha,*
Inhibitory effects of alcohol on glucose transport across the blood–brain barrier leads to neurodegeneration: preventive role of acetyl-l-carnitine
M. Abdul Muneer, Saleena Alikunju, Adam M. Szlachetka, James Haorah 
The influence of L-carnitine suplementation on the antioxidative abilities of serum and the central nervous system of ethanol-induced rats
Agnieszka Augustyniak, Elżbieta Skrzydlewska 


Alpha Lipoic Acid

Lipoic acid increases de novo synthesis of cellular glutathione by improving cystine utilization
Derick Han1, Garry Handelman2, Lucia Marcocci1,3, Chandan K. Sen1,4, Sashwati Roy1,4, Hirotsugu Kobuchi1, Hans J. Tritschler5, Leopold Flohé6 and Lester Packer1,*
Treatment of alcohol-related liver disease with thioctic acid: a six month randomised double-blind trial
A W Marshall, R S Graul, M Y Morgan, and S Sherlock
Lipoic Acid Proven to Clear Acetaldehyde in Humans
Byron J. Richards
Alpha-lipoic acid, a scavenging agent for H2O2, reduces ethanol-stimulated locomotion in mice
Juan Carlos Ledesma, Carlos M. G. Aragon 



Antioxidant role and subcellular location of hypotaurine and taurine in human neutrophils
Terrence R. Green *, 1, 2, Jack H. Fellman 1, Alisa L. Eicher 1, Katherine L. Pratt 2
Reversal of Ethanol induced Hepatic Steatosis and Lipid Peroxidation by Taurine
Mita D. J. Kerai, Catherine J. Waterfield, Susan H. Kenyon, Daniel S. Asker, John A. Timbrell
Taurine normalizes blood levels and urinary loss of selenium, chromium, and manganese in rats chronically consuming alcohol
Park T1, Cho K, Park SH, Lee DH, Kim HW.
Taurine: Protective properties against ethanol-induced hepatic steatosis and lipid peroxidation during chronic ethanol consumption in rats
D. J. Kerai, Catherine J. Waterfield, S. H. Kenyon, D. S. Asker, J. A. Timbrell




Effects of Theanine on Alcohol Metabolism and Hepatic Toxicity
Yasuyuki Sadzuka, Chieko Inoue, Saho Hirooka, Tomomi Sugiyama, Keizo Umegaki, Takashi Sonobe