Real reviews from real people


"BrightDay made a real difference in how I felt the next day: no headache, no sluggishness, literally NO HANGOVER. I was amazed! I'll use it again!"

- Sean C., Oakland, CA, Operations Manager

"I definitely did not expect to feel as good as I did. No nausea, no headache, no dehydration. Nothing has worked better for me!"

- Karin L., Seattle, WA, Philanthropy


“I had a little too much to drink with friends one evening. The next day I was definitely not as hungover as I should have been.”

- Emilie C., San Francisco, CA, Software

"Thank you BrightDay for allowing me to wake bright and clear minded after a very foggy evening!"

- Kathleen S., San Francisco, CA, Financial Planning & Analysis


“I had several drinks last night and am definitely feeling better than I usually do. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a night of fun and not have to pay for it.”

- Dice I., Long Beach, CA, Technology Consulting

“Not only was I not hungover, I swear it got rid of my cold too!”

- Christine E., Hermosa Beach, CA, Product Management


"I've tried all kinds of alleged hangover cures but few work. BrightDay really erases the effects of alcohol so you can actually function! I carry BrightDay in my backpack because 'just one drink' never stops at one."

- Peter H., San Jose, CA, Management Consulting